Children’s behavior changes as the become teenagers and continues to evolve as they move through the teen years. The parent-teen relationship is new to both the parent and the teenager. This relationship needs to change to be successful and this happens as the parent’s



  • Parents understand how parents and society relate to teenagers.
  • Parents adopt new interaction and parenting tools to support a new type of relationship – using the Parent as Coach Approach© from The Academy for Family Coach.
  • Parents apply skills of professional coaching to interact with their teens – Parents will apply these skills in all areas of their life.

Learning to coach your teens you will find with surprise that by being coached you will maintain the momentum of great ideas found in moments of inspiration – ideas in danger of being lost when carried away by busy daily lives.



Each session will last two hours:

  • A short introduction and a succinct review of previous week’s action/practice sheet and insights.
  • A new concept will be presented, discussed and practiced.
  • Actions and practices for the coming week are revised and clarified.

You will receive a textbook, a workbook, a series of exercises and practices, and email support from Catherine.


  • Week 1. – Coaching and its language: Respect
  • Week 2. – Listening to Understand: Listening from the other person’s point of view
  • Week 3. – Clear Mutual Requests, Agreements and Responsibility
  • Week 4. – Understanding, Support and Appreciation: Promote and Nourish independence.