What is coaching

Catherine helps her clients to sift through the overwhelming issues of daily and professional life and create a path for the goals that they tend to postpone and put aside as they find no time or energy to even consider.

  • Clients learn how focus on the future and start enjoying it in the present, even if starting in small doses and regain meaning for life, when lost. “Many times we find out that sometimes deceptively simple and consistent steps take you were you want to get”.
  • Clients learn how to ignite the desire and energy for change, sometimes dramatic, sometimes in small doses.
  • Clients start changing aspects in their current life, such as a new career, new training, realizing long-forgotten dreams, attending to hobbies – they move forward despite a sense of lethargy, inaction, and procrastination.
  • Clients learn how to build a work/life balance and reduce stress and improve relationships (intimate, with family or friends).
  • Clients learn how to create new long-lasting habits conducive of long-lasting benefits.

It help clients maintain momentum of great ideas found in moments of inspiration, ideas in danger to be lost when attending to personal and professional on going issues.

“If we tend to look at the ground when we walk, we bump in people, trees, boxes, whatever. We hurt ourselves and we hurt the others. Everything is an obstacle. When we look forward, to where we want to go, we can smile to people, admire the trees, see the blue of the sky and get wherever we want. What if the road is treacherous? Look down, assess, look forward and step over the dirt.”