Speaking for companies – Small, Medium and Large Corporations

Brown Bag Lunches for Employees – Employees bring their own lunch to the conference room. Catherine facilitates highly interactive workshops, with care for privacy rules within a company:

The challenges and joys of parenting teenagers

  • When parents feel that their communication with their child is breaking down
  • When parents feel their child is sliding away from them and their influence
  • When parents feel alone, isolated, unsure of how to go on


Preparing for your future teenager – Parents of pre-Teens – Keep and improve the connections with your future teenager

  • Your role changes – bringing up a teenager to become a self-reliant young adult

Benefits to coporations – supporting employees to:

  • Better manage their relationships at home and improved work performance
  • Support employee engagement address life and work balance
  • Reduce stress at home and therefore at work
  • Dramatically improve coaching skills within all areas of employee’s life

Manager as Coach – Parent as Coach ®

Speaking for Parents and Citizens Associations
60 minutes talks for parents

  • Focusing on building them up – The teenager brain development between 10-25 – Your role
  • Preparing you pre-Teen to the transition to middle schools
  • Priorities in your relationship with your teen – ground tools and techniques to keep the interactions open, interesting and fun
  • Connect with your Teenagers in your new role of parenting – Parent as Leader – bringing the best your youngsters – values. Boundaries, self-reliance and independence
  • The traps of indulgence and focus on achievements only

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  • I am really grateful to Catherine Varga for coaching me for over six months. I found the framework of working towards a defined set of goals a good one. Catherine’s technique is to show that you can take small, measured steps, so that reaching your ultimate goal becomes a simpler, less frightening process. She encouraged me to stretch myself and to think outside the box. Catherine never allowed me to become complacent, showing that there is always room for improvement. And even though my coaching is over, I carry that message with me – to keep on taking steps and making changes

    - Phyll S (Australia) -
  • I found Catherine’s coaching extremely valuable. She helped me transform challenges into great opportunities. For example, by broadening the way I thought about my career opportunities, and sharing valuable information with me, I applied for a job I wouldn’t have otherwise applied for – and got it! My new job pays 20 percent more, is allowing me to develop new skills and increase my professional network, has improved my lifestyle because it’s much closer to my home, and has raised my career to a new level. Catherine has a gentle, wise and insightful approach to coaching. She is obviously a woman with extensive business and life experience, which supports her formalised coaching skills and knowledge.Working with Catherine has been a very empowering and energising experience. I’ve learn’t a lot about helping myself through goal setting, directed action, and seeking out the right guidance

    - Renee K (Australia) -
  • Catherine has been a wonderful support and source of inspiration during my eldest son’s HSC journey and early girlfriend experiences. I have 3 teenage sons who are quite different from one another and Catherine was able to suggest new realistic and practical ways of helping all of  them and myself reach our potential as members of a happy harmonious family. It was an unobtrusive and very positive experience.” 

    - Evelyn M (Australia) -
  • One of the fundamental concepts I learned in my sessions with Catherine was the importance of respect, which she emphasized every time we spoke. I had not been aware of this overwhelming need that teenagers have to be valued as emerging adults. As parents we tend to see our kids as children and treat them as such. … Catherine explained the concept …So when I connected the word “respect” to specific recognizable individual qualities for each of my daughters, it no longer sounded hollow or fake, and it got their attention when I mentioned how much I appreciated that specific quality. It increased immediately and visibly their confidence and self-esteem, as well as our relationship. Their whole expression glowed.  I realize now that this concept has to be constantly utilized and worked on, every week! In addition to the concepts above I also learned  how to improve on my listening skills as a parent. I discovered that I was a poor listener, and I understood how important this skill really is in order to have a trusting relationship with your teen. This is probably one of my weakest areas, and where I need a lot of conscious practice and effort. Catherine provided me with several good tools and powerful questions ..to practice every day… I found the support questions, the over-stretched questions, the clarification/evaluation questions and the learning from experience questions particularly helpful because they avoid the dreaded “why” or judgmental questions which apparently teens resent. These are just a few of the many valuable concepts and skills that I’ve been exposed to in my sessions with Catherine, for which I’m very grateful. I understand that it is only a beginning, it takes conscious determination and planning to become “proficient” in using these skills, but I could already see the benefits of an improved relationship with my daughters.

    - Ilana S (US) -